Thursday, December 18, 2008

It is 71 Degrees here in Houston

Ok, so last week we had snow... today as I am driving around, it is 71 degrees. And as I send Marcy a picture of a bug, cause I was it, she sends me back a text that says they have 18 inches there in Washington. I know it was mean, but I chuckled. So I made, asked, her to go out and take me a picture. This is how I like the snow. In a picture that I can look at. So... this is out their back door. I don't think anyone went anywhere today.

In the back of my mind I miss it a little, but not this weekend. It will be one year ago on Saturday that I totalled my truck and so for this weekend, I will not miss the snow. And then it made me laugh last night because Reed called me from Vegas and said he was mad at me cause it snowed there too... Now when He called, I openly laughed out loud. That was funny.
On another note, I had a great job interview this morning and it looks like I will be getting a job that is better than the one that I have and for more money and in better shape than the company that I am in. That was a great point of the day.
If I don't post again....
Merry Christmas everyone.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Better late than never!!

Mom and Dad had their 50th Anniversary this year. I finally got some pictures.

Kevin and Malia... We are wondering what that scare thing in her hands is. DO they still exist?

This picture is the best one I have taken in a while. I think. This is Reed and I. Everyone else was getting pictures with their families, so Reed and I decided to be a family.

The fun part about our family, is we make the rules. We told mom and dad they had to cut the cake and feed each other just like at the wedding. They were good sports.
This is my family, minus 3. Bruce and Anne had just given birth to their first boy, Silas, and were unable to make the trip. We have since gotten some great pictures of Silas and them.
The fun part. We took the family group pictures on the swings at Rob's house. We had such a great time and I am glad that we were all able to be there and share with them their 50 years together.

Last night, this morning and 2pm this afternoon

Ok, so the pictures in the last post are from last night and early this morning.... Then this one is from this morning and the picture of Danni's truck is this morning. Now last night when I got home it was 31 degrees... this morning it was about 35 degrees and then

this picture of my truck is at 2pm this afternoon at the office and it was 57 degrees. And then just to let you all know, it is suppose to be 75 this weekend... I am so confused. I don't know what to wear when I get out of bed in the morning....

I share this with you all so that you will have something to smile about. And for those of you in Washington, good luck with your buckets you should get this weekend. And Sh'Nell, your winter is there.... build me a snow man and take some pictures... It will be over before you know it.... Love ya sis...

This is just wrong!!!

Ok, so most of you know that I left Spokane for a couple of reasons. One, I needed a new job. Two, I needed a change in life. Three, I wanted to get away from the dang snow...

Ok, and most of you know that the last time I really drove in the ice, was the night I wrecked my truck along with those fine WSP cars.

So, Imagine my reaction when I am sitting at work....doing my job...

when all of the sudden, my employees go "Niki it's snowing!" They were so excited and just had to drag me out to see it. Why I might ask??? I have no idea. Except that it has been 4 years since in Snowed here in Houston. So, apparently, I didn't run far enough.

Now, Candice says that I deserve it because I made so much fun of her last year while everyone up north had snow and I had 80 degree weather. And the other reason is because one of my previous posts.. Yeah the one making fun of the TEXAS SNOW!!! But, do you think that I learned my lesson? Probably not. I will still make fun of those up north when I am warm and it is cold up there. Second, I am just that way. I can not believe it snowed down here. Cheryl accuses me of bringing it with me. Trust me, I was running from the snow... but, it found me anyway.... Dang it!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Monday Morning

On the last day mom and dad were here, I drove them to the Houston Temple. I have to admit, the temples are always so beautiful. It is a good thing that I learned how to use the timer on my camera, cause we were able to take this picture. It was a beautiful day. No clouds, it had been cloudy, windy, rainy all weekend. But today, no clouds.
We then went to eat at Papps BBQ... hmmhmm good.... Most of us had a backed potato the size of Texas with BBQ on it. Ok, it took me 3 times to eat the whole thing.
And then I dropped them off at the airport, on their way to Puerto Rico. Got a call from dad later that night, its humid here he says. That is usually what I am saying, but it was actually a little nippy here that weekend and is now a little cold today.
I had so much fun with my mom and dad and Aunt Lorene. I am glad they came to visit.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Going Quickly

Ok, I just wanted to bring all ya all's attention to the right side of my blog.... Today is December 3rd, 2008. I have (officially)

180 days

of school left.

That is it...

That's all I wanted to say!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Texas SNOW!!!

OK, so, I just about died laughing when I saw this. We are in San Antonio on Saturday the 29th of November..... it is 75 degrees outside, I am wearing shorts and a tee shirt. We are walking around and there is the Houston Street Fair going on right next to the Alamo... I walk up to this slide looking thing, from the back, and bust out laughing... This is Texas' idea of sledding. I almost fell over. They are using tubs that you pull behind a boat, and the kids are in shorts and t-shirts, and sledding down this slide into gales of hay... Now, all laughing aside, I am sure that this is the only snow that some of these kids will ever see and the only time they will get to go sledding, but I could not help it. I was laughing so hard and just had to take pictures.
But, all laughing aside, this is good enough for me this year.!!! I don't need any snow this time around.

I've been Tagged

Ok, a couple of weeks ago Erika tagged me to post where I do most of my blogging.... Well, I was at work when I read that and didn't have my camera... so here you go, this is where I do most of my blogging...... Yes, that is my corner in the office and most of where I do my blogging from.... And then, there is my room....
Ok, Erika, sorry it took me so long. Things have been a little on the crazy side. But here you go. SO now, I tag anyone who reads my post and wants to add to their blog about where they post... and by the way, you can not clean up before you take the picture....

Laughter is the best medicine

Thanksgiving day.... 75 degrees playin with my dog. And the best part is NO SNOW!!
The trip to San Antonio with Mom, Dad, and Aunt Lorene... the front of the Alamo. (For those of you who didn't know that!)

Ok, so I don't like getting my picture taken and this one really shows just how much weight I have put on. it really isn't as bad as it looks, but it is the position I choose to sit in. This is Mom, Dad, Aunt Lorene, Danni-my roommate, and Angelina- Danni's daughter.

Our carriage ride around the Alamo.

Ok, so mom and dad and Aunt Lorene came to visit this past weekend. I picked them up from the airport and headed for San Antonio. It was so funny. I tried to punch in the address to the hotel in my GPS and guess what, it wouldn't take it. So, I drove blind. No map, no GPS, nothing. Getting to San Antonio was not the issue. That is a straight shot west on I10. It was once we got there and bam... I am so good, I drove right to the hotel!!!! I was so proud of myself and I didn't let them forget it.....
Ok, saturday morning was another story!! I thought I was going to right way.... I was, on the wrong road. We had a great visit to the front gate of Fort Sam Houston Army base.. The guard laughed so hard when I pulled up, Washington plates and all (still) and said... "we're lost!!" He was a great sport and got us in the right direction. Then it was the Alamo. What an interesting place. It was great to see it and watch the little movies and walk around and actually enjoy learning more about history... Didn't like that class either in highschool...
Next it was the river walk. Ya know how great it is to travel with senior citizens?!! Just kidding mom and dad... dad is the one that got the great deals. We rode on the river boat tour and ate lunch on the river walk. It was pretty cool. Then we went on a carriage ride around the alamo. Then we headed back to Houston and home. I was so tired...... and then the laughing commenced.
Sunday, we get up, I go to church with them and we come back home. Now mind you my room mate was the perfect host. She had dinner ready for us when we got back Saturday night, breakfast before church and dinner at noon when we got back... so after dinner, Angelina decided we were playing a game.. It ended up being Uno Attack. Oh my goodness... We laughed so hard that several times we had to run to the bathroom for fear of having to change clothes. It was mom, Angelina, Aunt Lorene and I. Dad and Danni were sitting watching westerns on tv and Danni was cooking cookies.. ok that came a little later... But the best one was my aunt.... oh my goodness.... she picked up her hand of cards... this was bout 2 hours into the 5 hours we played... and one of her cards was backwards... she asks very calmly.... what does it mean when the card says UNO!.... Very calmly I responded with "turn the card over" and then we all lost it. We were laughing so hard none of us could breath. I didn't think I would ever breath again.. Angelina goes flying down the hall to the bathroom and mom and I and auntie were laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. My stomach hurt.... We continued this laughing and playing for most of the day... Finally Angelina pretty much told dad that he was playing by dealing him a hand... And then there were cookies. Danni kept cooking cookies and we were eating them straight out of the oven.... Needless to say, there was no need for dinner that night.
SO, the weekend was a success. We all had a great time and I had not laughed that hard in a while. I am very glad that they stopped here on their way through to Puerto Rico and that we could spend some time together. It was so funny.....
Thanks mom and dad and Aunt Lorene for coming to visit us.