Sunday, June 22, 2008


Today is sunday and we get to go pick up TAZ at 600pm. We are so excited. I have cleaned the house from one side to the other, we have done the laundry and we even think that we found a new place that has 3 bedrooms and a fenced back yard for the little man to run free in. We are so excited. We will each have our ouwn rooms and our own space and extra space for our friends when they come to have the BBQ's!!! It is so exciting. Things are going great and I am so excited to go get my puppy and bring him home.

There was something else I was going to tell you all, but right now, it just left my brain. The problem with that is my brain isn't that big or that developed, so if I lost it, it is gone!!!! and I mean for GOOD!!!. Shoot... what was it.. It was good too. That is all I remember about it. Wow, they do call me shortbus for a reason.

Oh well, maybe at some point in my life time it will come back to me.... For now, TAZ IS COMING HOME!!!!!! Thanks Dad. Love ya.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Update on Taz!!

He has a 60% chance that my little baby is going to make it. We have been praying hard and hoping and hoping and today he is more responsive and all that stuff. He is still not eating, but he has an IV, so he is getting what he needs. So, it is time to fumigate the house and clean everything that he has ever thought about touching so that when we get to go get him next week, he will be able to come home and not get sick.

WOOHOO!!!!! I am being positive and hoping more and more each day!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


SO, remember me going to EFD for just a short time to help pull the station out of the depths of despair??? Well, Nate and I have yet to come to an understanding, but it looks as though this will be my home for awhile. Until he rips me from here to send me somewhere else. It is nice to know that he has that much faith in me to send me to the stations that are the problems and let me take them over. Remember, I am just a supervisor, but he pretty much lets me have the night sort and all that. And, all the hard work that Chad and I have put in, is starting to pay off. I think. We went through and integration of dock workers and contractors, well we are still going through it, but I think, once the IC owner gets of his high horse and learns a little, that they will actually be ok. But there have been a couple of times that we have all wanted to lock him in a can and send him to somewhere like Malaysia. Anywhere but here.
So, EFD is slowly changing it's name from Every F!(@&^*&@#in Day, to .... I don't know.. something a little more positive. When I figure it out, I will let you know.
I like my job and what I do and it is fun to get to know new people and try to figure them out and get them on your side. It is also been proven to me in the past few days, sorry men, but some men just have crappy attitudes. I want to beat a few of them. But, if you keep the positive one and don't let them get to you, they will eventually change to the way you think!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Poor Taz

So, you have all seen pictures of my puppy. I am sad, because he is in the puppy hospital with a 30% chance of coming home. We are being very optimistic and saying he is going to pull through. He got sick with parvo and I don't know how yet, but because he is a little older than most puppies that get it, he has a little better chance. He is still attentive and responsive too, so that is a good sign also. I didn't realize just how attached to him I was until the doctor told me that today and I had to leave him there. Sometimes it just sucks. And with the week that I am having, it is just one more thing and I am having a hard time dealing. It is a good thing that I have friends I can talk to and friends that I can count on to be there for me. Without my friends, I would be no where.
So thank you for being my friends.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


So, I don't have pictures for this one, but I just had to tell you a story.

When I moved here to this great place called Houston, it was on the recommendation from Nate Reed. He was the District Manager in Spokane for DHL when I worked for the franchise there for 12 and 1/2 years. Well he is here in Houston as the reginal manager and he gave me this glowing recommendation. Which I have thanked him for many times.. Until now.... Knowing him is not always a good thing. He is a great guy, don't get me wrong.. but because he has known me for 10 years and knows that I do not like to fail and that what ever he gives me I will not do it half heartedly and will fight to the DEATH to make it work.. Jerk!!!! So my original station here is called IAH! And I love it there. It runs itself. I have a great crew and the IC's there are for the most part decent. And I have made some friends there. So, I guess he decided that I needed a challenge..

So, EFD was slowly but surely going to hell! Literally. They fired the two night supervisors and they were losing dell laptops all the time and it was just a mess. So, he tells them to send me. At first I was going to smack him into next week. Then when I got here, he sits me down and says, "I need you to be my eyes and ears." He explained the situation and I felt a little better. He said it wasn't permanent, but he needed me here. So, what the jerk, said in the nicest possible way, didn't tell me was that the next week I would be on my own at night because they fired the other night supervisor. So here we are in "HELL" with one sup in the morning and one in the evening. ME!!!!! Ok, here is the problem with this... there is no ventilation in this fine building.. I have not had a full crew yet which puts me out in the warehouse sweating my tail off every night and working harder than I have in a while, and it puts me doing things that I have never done before and have had to learn the hard way....

Ok, did you know that one person or staion for DHL can tank the region every night in one week in a different aspect??? I had thought about it, but now I know for a fact. And it sucks... But let me tell you, I am so frustrated with the things that we have failed on that I won't let them send me back to my own station until this one is so perfect you will be able to eat off the floor of the building!!!!!!! I hate to fail. And Nate knows that and that is why he put me here in the first place. It is a great compliment for him to send me some where that is falling into the pits of dispair with the knowledge of knowing that I can do it. And after all of his emails this week that said "what in the heck happened last night for you to fail the entire region again on this part," He send me one today that said, "thanks, you are doing a great job!" and the guy under him sent me what is called a "rapid Rewards" which is basically a thanks also but in the form of me ordering something from the company. So, all the sweat and tears and yes, sorry, cussing under my breath, is starting to pay off and one day, this place will not be known as Every F*&^)*&^ing Day!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!

SO, today is my birthday.... And it is a good thing that no one had a camera yesturday. We went to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse with some friends of ours and it was really good. So we are eating and my friend gives me a present. Well, she thought it was funny. It was a GPS! Did I tell you guys about the amount of times I have gotten lost here? I used to be so good at finding places and now it is getting better, but that was just funny. OK, but the next thing.... Her daughter thought this was great and it was the reason that they picked the place. Here come all the waitress' with a saddle on a saddle stand.. And I have to sit in the saddle and wave a towel around like it was my lasso every time that they screamed... Talk about embarrassing. But very funny.
So on Saturday we went and floated on the Guadalupe's (?) river. It was a total blast. But a little too long. 8 hours is a long time to be stuck in the water with no way out but float to the end. But, it was a lot of fun. And I am not the one that is the most burnt this time. I learned my lesson. Austin got it the worst. He bit it on the first rapids and tore up his body. And he didn't use sunscreen this time, so he is burnt to a crisp. But, we still had fun.

And, Today, I have 364 days of school left. That is less than a year.... WOOHOO!!!!!!!