Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HOLA!!!! QUE TAL?????

Ok, So, I AM A SLACKER!!.. I know that I had that posted once before, but sorry, it is the story of my life. I am still waiting for pictures of mom and dads 50th so I can post a few of them, but now Kyrk and Emma are headed to San Diego for a few days. So, hopefully next week.

So a little recap of the past couple of weeks.

I have been relocated at work AGAIN!!!! Oh well. This station is way better than the last one that they moved me too. This one we actually work as a team. The one problem with this station is that the air conditioner has been blown since the hurricane. Ok, if you remember, that was on September 12th. Get the picture? It is 88 degrees in front of my desk right now. And not to give you a visual or anything, ya know how you have to peel your wet clothes off when you get out of the pool or get in a water fight, we have to do that just to go to the restroom. The difference, it is all SWEAT!!!! Can you say "aaaahhhh that is sick and wrong?"

Anyway, home life is cool. I know live with a friend of mine and her very spoiled rotten brat of a 15 year old. Remember, those of you who have known me forever, how I have never wanted kids. Well, this just reaffirms it!!!! But on the up side, it is in the country and I like it.

School is going good. I have 6 classes left and just under 7 months. I am so excited. I am so ready to be done. My advisor the other day was trying to convince me to go get my masters. I laughed at him. I would like a vacation...

Work is good, life is good, school is good, I am sleepy, but other than that.... Mom and dad are coming to visit the end of November. Should be fun. Trying to find things to do unless we just relax and vegetate. Which I am always good at.

Oh yeah, got my hair cut. Not that any of you have seen it lately. I will try to remember to take pictures and let ya all see just how I look these days.

Till then.....