Monday, April 12, 2010

Me Cooking!!!

I probably should not be telling you all this story, but I can't help but laugh at myself. So, there fore I must share. So, my sister in law is a fabulous cook and when I moved here to Texas, I convinced her to give me a few of her "family secret" recipes. One of them are these brownies that are so fabulous, when she makes them, that you can't just eat one.

SO, today, I decided that I was going to make some and take them to the Lanes' for FHE. I go there just about every Monday. That is another story. Anyway, so I go to the store, get what I need and come home to commence making dessert. I mix it all up, put it in the pan, compensate for the change in climate.. but when I take them out of the oven, they are just still way too gooey. So, I text April and ask her a few questions and as I am asking her I decide to read the recipe again. (which I swear I did like four times) but there is one line that I obviously didn't pay any attention too... it says 1 1/4 cup of FLOUR!!!! I could not believe it. I totally forgot the flour. What a retard!!!!

So, I laugh at myself and I start all over. And it is ok that I wasted all that because tomorrow I am starting my diet again anyway.... So, after READING the recipe the right way, I put them in the oven and they look so much better. They smell great, now I just hope they taste great. I don't think they will taste as good as April's but I hope they come close. :)

And the picture... well my oven door likes to close on its own and if you don't get your arm out of the way, this is what happens. SO, when I get to the Lane's, I will ask if she has anything for burns so that this will stop hurting...

So there I have done it. I have told you my retarded moment. But trust me, this is just one of many. I would be here all day long telling you everything that I do that is retarded.

Go ahead. Laugh. I did!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cool PIctures with Cheap cameras

I was looking in my mission photo album and remembering. These are pictures that I took with my mission camera. It wasn't any thing spectacular, but these pictures turned out fabulous.

The first one I didn't take, cause that is me in the picture, but my comp took it and it captured the trees all frozen. It never really snowed in England, but when it got cold everything froze. The second one is the Wolverhampton Cathedral. I took that one and it looks like a post card.
This last one is priceless... This is one of our members in the Harborne Ward. I can't believe I captured the water in the air...
I just thought these were cool pictures and wanted to share them with you.