Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crazy Life

Ok, so life is so crazy, I don't even know how to handle it sometimes. I did however find out that I can get all my stuff of my hard drive of the computer that TAZ felt the need to spill ice tea on and so when my new computer gets here, I can transfer it to that and have everything. That made me so happy, I just wasn't sure what to do with myself.

Then next, well it is back to IAH for me. So, they moved me to EFD to help out and then said it was permanent, and now, they have decided that they want me back at IAH. Ok, that is not how it really happened. But let me put it to you this way, this is my favorite new saying


There are people in this company that have made me ashamed to be a part of DHL at the EFD station. I can not believe that there are people that get away with the things that they say and do and no one does anything. I have never been associated with anyone that has been as rude as our office ops agent to anyone. She is amazing and when I, as the supervisor, stepped in to put a stop to it, she goes off on me and eventually it leads to me begging to get out of EFD. I tell you, it is better for me to go back to my original station, but the way things went down here was not cool. But I tell you what, the email that Nate sent out to my bosses and the bosses at IAH, was a total slap in everyone's face at EFD who have decided to make a sport out of going after me. For a few minutes I began to wonder if I had done anything to bring this on and then I read that this afternoon. He told me that he wanted me here for one reason and that was to turn this stations night sort around. He then told me that I did that and had accomplished that task with flying colors and he promised me it wouldn't be forever and it was all good.

So, I just found a house across town closer to EFD and I now find myself driving back across town to my old station. But oh well. Another saying I like is "everything happens for a reason."

SO, on that note.... Holy Cow! has anyone been watching the weather down this way? I have just been through my first hurricane warning. It didn't get close to us, but we did get some great thunderstorms and lightning and rain and oh it was cool. I love the rain and I love thunderstorms. And the cool part is that when it rains here, like today, it accumulates like snow. Ok, so when you are driving it is not cool. But, it is cool. I just want to run around outside in it. But nope, I am being responsible and sitting at my desk at work. Notice I didn't say working!!! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008


Ok, I am a slacker. I know this cause I check into this just about every day and I don't take the time to post more. I have been really busy and since Taz decided it would be funny to spill ice tea on my laptop, the only place I check in is at work. So, here I don't have pictures to add and I don't have a whole lot of time. But today, I am taking the time.....

It has been busy. We found a duplex to rent. 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, back yard... it is way cool. It is so nice to have the space and be able to shut our doors and be quiet. It is about 10 minutes from work and that is nice too. I push that limit a little too much some times. I know it is closer, so I wait to get ready longer. Duh, I still have to get there.

I finished another class. Now I have just less than 10 1/2 months left and I am done. Still have my beautiful straight "A" average. It is so cool. I am now taking a class called juvenile justice and I love it. That is where I want to head when I am done with school. Don't get me wrong, I like my job, but sometimes.......

My puppy is good. As obnoxious as he usually is.... and I have been debating on trading in my truck. I don't really need it and the gas is getting high... we shall see. Plus, it could end up being cheaper.

But for now... HI everyone. I will do better.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Update on Taz!

So, I am so excited that we got to bring Taz home a couple of weeks ago and I thank my father for the help he gave me to be able to have him in the puppy hospital. But now, I regret to inform you that he may not live long enough to help me pay my father back! You see, he is back to normal. Rowdy, out of control and living up to his name. If you have noticed, I don't have pictures on here recently. One reason is that my laptop has been having issues and I finally got it fixed last week. Well, so I was about to put a post up and I went to grab my computer and Taz is licking it. I grab it from him and realized that he has spilled a glass of ice tea on it. SO!!! It is now dead for life. The only thing I am hoping is that I will be able to have someone get the info from my hard drive or I have lost all my pictures and all my school stuff for the past two years.. I am so happy with him. Oh wait, this morning, he aparantly is mad at me, he peed on my bed. I love him I do, but let me tell you, if we had not just found a bigger house that has a fenced yard for him to run around in, he would be going out to foster care for awhile. :)!!

So, anyway, I will update you all more when I figure out what to do about my computer and post pictures of our house when I get my camera fixed and all that stuff. Life of having a puppy!