Monday, November 17, 2008

A little clarification

Yes, everyone wears clothes in Pudding Wrestling. The two in here both had shorts and a tee shirt on. I suppose it can be done in any thing that you want, but this one was clothed. And yes, it was sticky. I personally didn't wrestle, but the pudding gets flipped everywhere. Just think about how much four 5 gallon buckets of chocolate pudding is!! It was fun to watch. And it brings new meaning to wrestling.

Just wanted you all to know.

Crazy Things

Ok, I am going to share you all a story cause it is funny. But, I do not want any chastisement because of this story!! Ok Tif!!! :)

This was my weekend. I had to work Saturday, but when I work Saturdays, I get the other sup to open up for me at 530 am and I show up around 10am and then I am done by 300pm.. not bad right?! Ok, so this weekend a friend of mine, ok a lot of friends, and I chose to go out on the town. There is this place that we all go to and hang out and dance and visit and stuff and that particular night, and I know this picture is hard to see, but that night it was pudding wrestling. Ok, my first reaction was, I don't want to go, I won't have any fun, blah blah blah, it was the funniest thing. Have you ever seen anyone wrestle with four 5 gallon buckets of pudding in a blow up pool? OMG talk about laughing your tail off. I had so much fun. One of our friends decided to be in the wrestling matches and that made it even more fun. I tell ya, the people here in Houston are a riot. We have a lot of fun. This picture is hard to see because it was so dark and I took it on my phone, but trust me, we were all covered in chocolate pudding cause it made a huge mess. I am not sure I would recommend this at home.

I do have to tell you, Sunday I did nothing. My room mate and her daughter are sick and they decided it is time for me to join in their misery. I disagreed, but my body said otherwise. So now, we are all recuperating.

And can you imagine, me as obnoxious as I am and how much fun I like to have, but NO, I did not join in the wrestling!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Ok, OK, so Reed, he is the youngest of us kids.... He's 27.... I get a text from him last night at 1201 asking me if I am still awake. I say not really, but what's up. I feel if I don't answer him, something might really be wrong. So the phone rings and he says.... something happened and none of my Mormon friends want to hear about it... so now I am curious....

So, he commences to tell me that he was doing something... standing I believe, remember I was half asleep.... and he fell on his tennis racket and cut his eye open. So right then he was sitting there with a bag of ice on his face feeling like a real retard.... So of course my first comment, after I got done laughing that is, was You really are related to me huh??? and that made him laugh harder...
So, here he is with a cut on his eye from falling on his tennis racket handle.. and the email he sends to me with these pictures is titled " Is there an extra seat on the shortbus?"
He really is my brother..... I responded to his email with "of course their is, I can't lick all the windows by myself. I have tried and my saliva runs out to fast."
There is always room on the short bus for loved ones.
So for all of you loved ones out there, remember, there is always room on the shortbus!!!
Oh yeah, I didn't ask Reeds permission to share this story!!!!! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Future

DHL to Halt Express Deliveries in the U.S.
Deutsche Post's U.S. division will also close its 18 main distribution hubs and lay off most of its workers in the country

So, I don't know how many of you have heard.... or if I have said anything about it come to think of it.... DHL is cutting back.... way back..... Does that mean me??? Don't know. This is in some relation to the last post of pulling my hair out. I am not freaking out about this. I am at this point not really caring if they keep me or lay me off. I knew this was not going to be a permanent position when I moved down here. Weird huh?! But I think it was a good thing for me because it made me actually take a look at what I want to do and get it done. I have looked into several of the juvenile justice facilities around here and there are openings that I am interested in. So, if I don't make the cut, I will be fine. I am still not worrying about it. I can't. Gives me a headache and makes me crabby and I hate to be crabby! It takes much more effort for me to laugh when I am crabby and it makes me mad!!! So, I wait and see. But what ever happens, it will be for the best and I will still be laughing and cracking jokes and cracking myself up! That is what I do!!

So, just in case you was wondering, I am just fine and dandy and plan on living for a long time. (Just to send you all retarded emails)!!!!! :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pulling my hair out

Today, I feel like this!!!!! I am so tired of being accused of being naive and too laid back. Ok, my style is to be laid back and take the things as they come. IF I run into a panic and freak out about every little thing, I might as well go buy a pine box and lay down, cause it is going to run me into the ground. I am not the person to be serious all the time and when I am around people who feel that is all life is about, I have a tendency to run as far and as fast as I can in the other direction. Life is too short to concentrate on what "might" happen and dwell on the bad things in life. I can pretty much guarantee you that if the men back in Jesus' time or the guys in the Book of Mormon would have dwelt on the bad things, they would have never made it as far as they did. And by the way, look at the guys that did. They didn't seem to make it to far did they. So, maybe that is why I am single still and that I have not found anyone to put up with me, cause nobody can. I am one of a kind and I love to laugh. I will be serious when I have too, but I promise, it won't last very long, so what ever it is that needs a serious discussion had better be good. No, not everything in life is a joke, or can be laughed at, but come on....

By the way, this picture is awesome!!!! :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ok, SO NO, I didn't pay attention in Social Studies

Ok, can I ask a question? I don't pay attention to politics. That is pretty obvious from the last post I wrote. But let me ask a question...... Why does everyone think the world is going to end and that because Barack Obama is president, that the United States is going to Hell!!! Anyone care to try and explain that to me? I know that he has said some things that are a little crazy, but we made it through the Clinton Administration and we are still kicking... someone just please fill me in on why we should prepare for the last days???!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I just learned something new! And it explains the reason for why I don't vote. I have never known before, and basically didn't care. But now I know why. Do ya all wanna know? Because it means absolutely nothing. Here we are running to the polls to vote for who we want to be President of this fine country that we live in and I just learned that it doesn't matter. We don't get a say. The Electoral voters make the call. We don't get to vote for who we want. We vote and then our reps vote how ever they want. The reason I learned that, I was looking on the net at some of the results and Obama had less votes by the people, but he still won the state!!! How does that happen? Well the people who get to vote, vote however the hell they want no matter what the people say!!!! So, That is my opinion on this fine country that we live in. Someone explain to me why we bother. I am 38 years old and it is the first time I feel as though this country sucks!!! Do I really feel that way? NO, but the way this voting for president goes, yes, that sucks. We might as well be a dictatorship, cuz that is about how it looks to me now!!!!!

November and 80 degrees

A picture of the day the Hurricane hit. My room mate checking on the horses!

This is Taz and Lady. For awhile we had to keep Taz on a chain and this is them attempting to get him off of it. It was so cute.
This is my cute puppy. See how much he has grown!
Ok, I don't need to tell you all that I am a slacker. Hopefully that is just a given. Things have been a little crazy. I've been moved to another station again, school is getting tougher and I have to spend more time on that, and life has just been nuts. There is so much to do. School is getting harder, but only because I have just over 200 days left and then I am so finished. Those 400 hundred classes get harder the higher the number goes. I just don't get it!!! :) Work is weird. There are a ton of things going on right now. They are downsizing and changing a lot of things. As of right now, I have been layed off. My last day would be February 27, 2009. Everyone has been layed off. They are going around and either giving you the severance pay, or offering you a permanent job. I used to think it would be a big deal if they layed me off, and now, what ever happens, happens. I am not worried about it. The severance package is a good one and will cover for about 3 and a half months. So, no big deal. I don't know how I feel about it. I don't know if I want to stay or not. It just depends I guess on what they decide.
On that note!!! Things are good. It is November and the sun is still shining, and the warmth is still here. I love it. It is so cool to be going into Thanksgiving and know for a fact that there will be no snow and I will probably be wearing shorts on that day. How cool is that??
Ok, so I haven't taken a picture of myself yet. I am not real fond of photos, so you might just have to wait for a little while!
Other than that!! life is the same. I sleep, work, homework, sleep, work, homework, and sleep, work, homework!! June 1st here I come and then it will be sleep, work, play!!!!!