Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Ok, so it isn't quite my birthday, but I decided to get my present early!!! It is so nice and so much fun to drive. And I might say it is BEAUTIFUL!! The only complaint :) no tinted windows. But I will take care of that one of these days when I got a few more pennies. And I have paid off my debts :)!!!

It is a 2010 Ford Fusion SE. Tuxedo Black, which means it has little sparklies in the paint... black interior. Just fabulous.

I am excited to be back in Houston. My job is going great. There are going to be opportunities for me to move up and learn more. Today I was really busy and it was great. I love to be busy. My apartment is cute. It is small, but it is just me and my puppy and it is all that I need. The ward I am in is fabulous and I am playing my a softball tournament this weekend. well, Friday night and Saturday night. But that is good for me.

Life is going good.... and my new car is FABULOUS!


Erika said...

You know, I want to come visit now! Because I am really fascinated with adult cars that are car seat virgins!

Sants said...

I love the sparkles in the paint! I am soooo glad that you are happy and doing well!

Love you! Tif

PS Seriously, the word verification is "sweet". Even it likes your car.

Jo said...

What no Truck!!???

Congrats on your new job in Texas! Glad everything is going so well for you!

(one of your many cousins)

cozy said...

Congratulations and early Happy Birthday! So glad life is good :)