Monday, April 12, 2010

Me Cooking!!!

I probably should not be telling you all this story, but I can't help but laugh at myself. So, there fore I must share. So, my sister in law is a fabulous cook and when I moved here to Texas, I convinced her to give me a few of her "family secret" recipes. One of them are these brownies that are so fabulous, when she makes them, that you can't just eat one.

SO, today, I decided that I was going to make some and take them to the Lanes' for FHE. I go there just about every Monday. That is another story. Anyway, so I go to the store, get what I need and come home to commence making dessert. I mix it all up, put it in the pan, compensate for the change in climate.. but when I take them out of the oven, they are just still way too gooey. So, I text April and ask her a few questions and as I am asking her I decide to read the recipe again. (which I swear I did like four times) but there is one line that I obviously didn't pay any attention too... it says 1 1/4 cup of FLOUR!!!! I could not believe it. I totally forgot the flour. What a retard!!!!

So, I laugh at myself and I start all over. And it is ok that I wasted all that because tomorrow I am starting my diet again anyway.... So, after READING the recipe the right way, I put them in the oven and they look so much better. They smell great, now I just hope they taste great. I don't think they will taste as good as April's but I hope they come close. :)

And the picture... well my oven door likes to close on its own and if you don't get your arm out of the way, this is what happens. SO, when I get to the Lane's, I will ask if she has anything for burns so that this will stop hurting...

So there I have done it. I have told you my retarded moment. But trust me, this is just one of many. I would be here all day long telling you everything that I do that is retarded.

Go ahead. Laugh. I did!!!


Reed said...

So, next time, along with actually READING the recipe, add a line that says 'REMOVE ALL HANDS AND PERSONAL PARTS FROM OVEN BEFORE CLOSING DOOR'!!! Thanks for sharing!

cozy said...